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General Community FAQ

What is an ATC/ACEO?

ATC: Artist Trading Card
ACEO: Artist Card Editions and Originals

In a nutshell, ATCs and ACEOs are little pieces of art that can be swapped like trading cards. The only rule is their size: 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Other than that, anything goes! They can be drawings, paintings, sculptures...whatever you want them to be.

Am I allowed to post sales posts?

Yes, with some restrictions. Sales posts must be relevant to the community. So selling ACEOs you made or collected, other sized artworks, prints, crafts, art supplies, books related to art, etc, are all allowed. But that magazine of celebrity gossip you have from 1998 is not.

You may also create a post if you are open to taking commissions. You are not limited to seeking commissions for ACEO-sized art, but that option MUST be available.

Also, you are not allowed to flood the community with sales posts. The community's reading page holds the 20 most recent entries. You can post a new sales post only when your previous one has fallen off the front page.


So-and-So was mean to me! What should I do?

If you have an issue with another member of the community, please do your best to solve your differences via private messages,  NOT in the community's journal posts! Bringing personal drama to public posting will warrant a strike against you, repeats of which could get you banned.

If you aren't able to solve your differences and it's of a serious matter, please contact a maintainer for their help.


Why was I banned?

Maintainers will NOT ban any member without letting them know why they were booted. ATC Swap works on a two-strike system that is incident-dependent. For example, if someone were to spam the community, a warning would be issued. If they then spammed the community again, they would be removed. However, if after the first warning they stopped spamming, but then failed to complete a swap, they would not be banned. (But would be issued a warning for the second offense).

If you feel you were unjustly removed from the ATC Swap community, feel free to contact a maintainer about the matter.


My question is not here. What should I do?

If you have a question that is not answered here or in the ATC Swap Event FAQ, please feel free to contact a maintainer so they can help you.



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